Some people are just natural-born leaders. Leaders who inspire you even in simple conversation, seek perfection for their companies (for all the right reasons), and are capable of building up their employees and peers while simultaneously pushing them to work smarter and harder. Leaders who are truly invested in the well-being of others and take steps to help individuals around them realize their full potential.

These are the leadership characteristics possessed by some of the folks we are lucky enough to work with on a daily basis. The CEO of South Cypress, Black Benak’s newest client, is no exception when it comes to embodying these characteristics.

I sat down with CEO Drew Goneke to talk about his decade-old business South Cypress, and the company’s history, story and mission. I walked away with a deeper understanding of what makes this company so successful, and the driving factors behind that success.

South Cypress is a flooring company whose roots began with the strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit of Drew’s grandfather. Today, South Cypress is predominately an e-commerce company that offers quality flooring products and accessories that are delivered to homes, businesses and job sites all over the United States. (And as a person that’s currently building a home, I’m super excited to be able to get some of their beautiful products in my space – hello marble hex tile!)

Most recently, South Cypress saw an opportunity to provide more value to their customers, both existing and future, by having their own products for sale. Now, in their first showroom in Birmingham’s Pepper Place area, South Cypress sells those goods at incredibly reasonable prices while also elevating the top-notch customer service that their customer base has become accustomed to.

Not only does the showroom provide a unique addition to the market of offerings in Birmingham, it also allows trade professionals, like interior designers, to have a space where they can come and feel energized to create beautiful spaces with South Cypress flooring products for their clients.

Once recognized on the Inc. 5000 list, South Cypress knows that deep roots breed success. The website uses the following description: As the Cypress tree grows out of the water it takes on a beautiful shape, tall and slender. Under the surface the roots significantly widen, providing anchors that stabilize the tree.

The term “stable anchor” certainly describes the South Cypress leader Drew and his entire team, and we are beyond excited to serve this company as their public relations firm!

-Hannah Benak

Posted on April 1, 2016 .