Interview Prep: It’s a Real Thing

If Colin Cowherd’s interview with Jim Harbaugh taught us one thing: it’s that no one can get away with being unprepared for an interview.

Harbaugh, The University of Michigan – and former NFL – head football coach, called into Cowherd’s ESPN radio show this morning and gave an interview so dreadful and uninspiring that Cowherd ended it short. And now it has gone viral.

It’s a perfect example of just how crucial interview preparation is, and that your best option is always to be candid and ready to satisfy the interviewer’s questions when it comes to dealing with the media. Before an interview of any kind, whether it’s ESPN or your local news affiliate, it’s important to have a your branding messages well-defined and fresh in your mind.  Be ready to sell yourself and your brand. Know what you’re there to promote and why someone should care about it.

Furthermore, when you’re passionate about your brand and are prepared to tell your story, you’ll find that a live interview with the media is a successful tool for reaching your target audience in a more dynamic way than a blog post or statement given to the media could ever be!

Posted on July 1, 2015 .