Ad Bowl 2015: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good: SuperCell with Liam Neeson

Why we loved it: Not being gamers ourselves, we wouldn’t typically pay much attention to an ad for Clash of Clans. However, SuperCell did their job and grabbed the attention of just about everyone. It was clever, funny, and we love celebrities who can laugh at themselves. 

The Good: Budweiser. Of course.

Why we loved it: A lost puppy was emotional enough, but then the Clydesdales came to the rescue and well, you got us again, Budweiser. 

The Good: Dove. #realstrength

Why we loved it:  This sweet shout out to dads everywhere just made us feel good.



The Good: Snickers, Marcia’s hangry.

Why we loved it:  We can all admit to being hangry from time to time and snickers “You’re Not Your Self When You’re Hungry” campaign has not disappointed thus far. They’re funny, sadly accurate, and gave us a much-needed laugh after all of those tear jerkers.

The Bad: Squarespace

What happened: As SquareSpace users, we were curiously anticipating this ad’s arrival. Unfortunately, we were left with one question, what just happened? 


The Bad: KIA

What happened: We expected more from you, Brosnan. We didn’t really follow replacing explosions with owls. If you didn’t catch this commercial from the beginning you were left wondering what exactly was going on, not a great set up for the super bowl when people are at parties and only slightly paying attention. 


The Ugly: Nationwide

What Happened:  We don’t want to hear from the ghost of a dead child, Nationwide. Not on Super Bowl Sunday. Not ever.

Posted on February 3, 2015 .