Denim and Public Relations: Image Boosters at Their Finest

The hunt for a perfect pair of jeans is, in some ways, like the hunt for the right public relations firm. You want a pair that’s going to work hard for you, be able to withstand long hours and, most importantly, always make you look great. When you’ve found the right one, you stick with them.  See the similarities?

We have spent a portion of our lives categorizing denim as one of the most difficult, even miserable, items to shop for. You’re looking for something specific, whether that’s wash or fit, and you need about 20 elements to come together perfectly to find that “just right” fit. It was a long road to finding the right brand, but when we discovered DL 1961 a few years ago, there was no looking back.

We can’t speak for men, other than to say we know you look good in a pair of DL’s. But ladies, listen up. Our most common complaint involving denim usually centers on stretching and sagging. You look great heading out the door on casual Friday in that pair of skinnies, until 4pm hits… What happened? They stretched, and your legs look worse for the wear because of it. You have to do that shimmy-pull-up motion every time you stand. It’s annoying and you look silly. Break the vicious cycle.

Our president Hannah recounts how she knew she had found something special on a road trip to Indianapolis in her first pair of DL’s. “Hours of driving and traffic meant I was heading straight into a meeting upon arrival and the Southerner in me was horrified until I realized my jeans looked… perfect.” How could this be? DL 1961 uses technology that is the equivalent of the best leg workout you’ve ever tried. They tighten and lift and they’re there to hold that shape no matter what your days bring you.

It’s our job in public relations to share the good things we know and find with those around us, and DL1961 is so exception. Ladies and gentlemen, go buy yourself a pair of DL 1961 jeans (or three). You will not regret that decision.

For inspiration, a few of our pairs we have loved through the years are pictured above.

Posted on August 13, 2014 .