Alabama Associated General Contractors is the statewide chapter of a nationwide organization that represents skill, integrity and responsibility within the construction industry. AGC provides broad influence and a full range of services satisfying the needs and concerns of its members, partners and the industry, thereby improving the quality of construction and protecting the public interest.


Black Benak manages all public relations and marketing activities at Alabama AGC. This includes tasks such as alerting the media of key events at AGC and ensuring their presence and coverage of each event. We also contribute to the content production and ad creation of Alabama AGC’s magazine, Build South. From Governor Bentley-centered chapter meetings to the Young Constructor’s Forum, our firm also assists in creating beneficial events for the chapter. Additionally, Black Benak creates and implements a successful monthly newsletter sent to members, alerting them of events, news and other happenings at AL AGC.

Alabama AGC represents not only general contractors, but specialty contractors as well. Members of the association receive countless perks, such as invitations to all events, workers compensation programs and even discounts on gas. Alabama AGC is often involved in making sure that law and regulations are in the best interest of their members.

This past weekend, we were given the opportunity to attend the chapter-wide Alabama AGC conference in Destin, Florida. Statewide leaders, such as Governor Robert Bentley, Lt. Governor Kay Ivey and Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries John McMillan were in attendance. This gave the members of the Alabama chapter of AGC the opportunity to discuss the construction industry and the issues facing it.

While at the conference, we provided members with insight into the public relations world while hosting a round table discussion about thinking strategically, brand consistency and what to do when your company has news. Hopefully, by our contribution, Alabama AGC members will be able to better represent themselves and their brands. It was a wonderful experience spending time with one of our favorite clients and meeting members of their association!


Posted on June 24, 2014 .