3 Big Reasons to watch ABC’s Shark Tank


ABC’s Shark Tank is the perfect show for anyone who loves the mindset behind big business- and even those who don’t. The show centers on a small self-made millionaire and billionaire panel whose purpose is to choose to invest, or not to invest, in business deals that could help them potentially rack up more 000s in their bank accounts. Each week entrepreneurs dare to enter the tank in hopes of potential investment into their products. Some entrepreneurs score awesome investment deals making them millions, but most walk away empty handed.

1.    Shark Tank entrepreneurs are real-life inventors and small business owners with hopes of growing their product. Unlike most trained pitchmen, the entrepreneurs range in age, gender, and experience. Just watching the show is an example of high-stakes business transactions.

2.    It’s hard to argue that landing a large investment on Shark Tank is great for a business’s PR. Entrepreneurs gain “free” publicity by appearing on the show, therefore upping their sales no matter the outcome. Brand recognition and PR do wonders for a business.

3.    Finally, show is unscripted. Every pitch, every word, and every movement is a lesson in what to do and what not to do in a business meeting. Watching how other people handle unexpected rejection can teach you how to behave in similar situations. Many Shark Tank alum walk away empty handed, but oftentimes offers outside of the panel come pouring in soon after the show airs.

Posted on November 18, 2014 .