Do you know anyone that doesn’t claim to be busy? I don’t. How often are you trying to enjoy a meal, or drinks with friends or even a business lunch and are forced to keep your cell phone out—waiting for an important call? Instead, you receive a barrage of texts, calls and emails that distract you and the whole table…yeah, this is the story of my life. “BUT I’m waiting on that approval from my client’s website team in China!” I’ll tell my husband after he death stares my constantly ringing cell phone during dinner.

Busy, fashionable women: meet “MEMI”! As StyleCaster put it, “a new bracelet that helps you ditch your cell phone (and not have a heart attack).” We all know the fear of having to put your phone away, and MEMI let’s you unplug from your phone just enough. MEMI is a Bluetooth enabled, chic, bangle-like bracelet that vibrates only when you receive a call from specific, important people you’ve selected. Functional while being completely stylish, MEMI is the answer to every phone-addict’s problems.

For now, MEMI is only available for pre-order on Kickstarter. But for a stylish yet functional bracelet that lets you unplug but not completely disconnect from the important people in your life—it’s worth the wait.

Posted on November 19, 2013 .